ADC_Interviewing Richard Branson

A Different Country

A character-driven documentary series that examines a year-long exchange programme between an independent inner city Johannesburg school and an elite English public school.


These Streets Belong to Us

With one of the highest crime rates in the world, South Africans are struggling with the repercussions of living in a country where they feel they are at the mercy of criminals and that the police cannot protect them. Much of the crime is often accompanied by gratuitous violence; torture, rape and assault often go hand in hand with hijackings and robberies, making the threat of crime so much more terrifying to the average citizen.


Breaking Out Of The Box

Buhle Msibi's poem, I Break The Boxes, provides the title for this wide-ranging, touching, often funny documentary highlighting the lives of black lesbians in South Africa. The title is appropriate; by telling the tales of six high profile women, the sheer breadth of experience in the black lesbian community is revealed, the profiled women all having redefined their set parameters in one way or another.


The Rageh Omaar Report – The Party’s Over

In June 2010, the eyes of the world were on South Africa as it hosted the largest international sporting event in the world – the FIFA World Cup. With the biggest gap between rich and poor in the world, journalist Rageh Omaar looks into the some of the issues that South Africa must confront now that the party's over.


Forgotten Freedom Fighters

In 1991, the ANC suspended their armed struggle against the South African government. In 2009, the majority of former combatants are unemployed and still waiting for compensation promised to them.


Saving Soweto

An eight-part documentary series on the world’s largest hospital, Chris Hani Baragwanath, in South Africa’s largest township, Soweto.